12 March 2012
"I stopped writing because my missus dropped some coffee on the computer and I lost 80 pages!"
17 July 2010
"I'd like a go at being Bugs Bunny. He was tremendous at outwitting everyone..."
"Even if we’d won the Europa League, beating Juve would still have been the highlight. A ridiculous game, unbelievable."
19 March 2010
There was quite a little Italy reunion in the stands at Craven Cottage last night.
3 February 2010
"I'm sure the Newcastle fan with a tattoo of me regrets it!"
28 January 2009
"It’s a bit like Harry Potter, although we won’t be killing anyone off!"
1 August 2007
"I got picked up by the police. He'd accused me of attempted murder"
1 May 2007
"There was a comic called Sparky, it rhymed with Mark, so I picked that. It wasn’t because I was a frustrated electrician or anything..."
1 May 2007
"The gaffer calls me Dribblinho when I keep hold of the ball too long"
1 September 2003
"I'm Superman, man. I don't give away my weaknesses"


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