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Capello defends Inter approach

After critics accused Inter of taking a negative approach to winning matches, former AC Milan coach Fabio Capello has defended the Serie A leaders.

Roberto Mancini's men sit three points clear of Fiorentina - their opponents at San Siro on Sunday - at the summit after winning all five of their fixtures so far, although each of those wins have come by a one-goal margin.

But Capello insists securing three points is far more important than putting on an entertaining performance in the current football climate.

"The ideal scenario would be to win and entertain," Capello told La Gazzetta dello Sport. "However, if we don't recognise today's football is tied to business, then we'll go nowhere.

"There are clubs who cannot afford to miss out on the Champions League. For others, relegation is akin to bankruptcy.

"If it's a choice between winning without entertaining and losing while playing entertaining football, I will always choose the former. I think that's what the majority of fans want too.

"I think people should reflect more before slamming 1-0 as a grey result. It contains three facts: a team has won, was able to keep a clean sheet and fought to protect the goal.

"The overall level of teams has improved in recent years, so it’s tougher than ever to bring home three points.

"I respect Roberto Mancini and consider him a great coach because he gets clubs to buy the players he wants and can also adapt to the material at his disposal.

"As the saying goes, you produce wine with the grapes you have."

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