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Klopp out to defy doubters as Liverpool fight image problem

Jurgen Klopp believes Liverpool are suffering from an image problem in England despite edging closer to Champions League qualification.

Liverpool occupy the fourth and final Champions League place, four points ahead of challengers Manchester United in the Premier League, but doubts still linger.

There is a perception that Liverpool struggle against teams who opt to defend behind the ball following dropped points to the likes of Crystal Palace, Bournemouth, Hull City, Swansea City and Sunderland having beaten Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Tottenham this season, but Klopp insists his side must be doing something right ahead of Sunday's welcome of Southampton.

"Of the last few games we have played against teams lower down the league we have won three and lost one and we still have the image that we lose all the time," Klopp said.

"If that were the case, how would we have 69 points? You cannot be fighting for a Champions League place without picking up more points than you lose over the course of a season.

"We might have been doing better against the top sides than those below them but we are in the top four. We must have been doing a lot of things right."

After the visit of Southampton to Anfield, Liverpool close out their season with matches against West Ham and Middlesbrough.

"We are not talking about winning all three games; our job is simply to win the next one," Klopp added. "It's a funny thing.

"I really love the atmosphere at home; it's number one. And if you are playing Manchester City, say, and you lose a challenge, or make a chance and don't score, the reaction is not that negative. But if you are playing Crystal Palace and you make a chance and don't score, it's like the end of the world. You can practically feel the stadium going: 'Oh my God, here we go again.'

"But what we all have to learn, even in the hard moments, is that creating a chance is always positive; it shows you are playing in the right way. Every team have to learn to build on these moments.

"Chelsea are not always bothered about excitement in the game. They are a wonderful football-playing side but they can also defend for 90 minutes, score one goal and enjoy it like hell."