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Nike Hypervenom Phantom Transform: The Lowdown

Where did the idea for a heat-activated upper come from?
It’s super cool. We bumped into the material while we were researching another project. We started playing around with this crazy effect and someone in the team suggested we put it on a boot.

Will players see the boot change colour during games?
Absolutely, especially in areas where you have more contact and friction with the ball. When you kick and receive it, the boots will transform like they’re alive.

Can you explain the science of how it works?
It’s a chemical reaction. The material is thermal activated and changes aesthetically with an increase in temperature. It’s like a two layer material that interchanges when the top layer heats up and allows the bottom layer to show up. It wasn’t developed especially for this, we just found it and we felt we had to use it.

Can you create this effect with any colours?
You can create all kinds of effects, with all kinds of colours. It works best with dark top colour. When you play it goes crazy and changes colour and then when you put it back in your bag it goes back to it’s original form. It’s like the boot participates in the game.

Rather than just reveal a colour, can it reveal a different design?
We wanted to keep it very subtle, but we did was add a graphic element (a swoosh) to give the transformation texture and bring it to life. This boot is a lot of fun.

This limited-edition Hypervenom Phantom Transform is available via the Nike Football App, and select retailers.