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Sebastian Larsson: Upset the odds to win the cup

“I’ve got a cup final this month and we’re playing a team at the very top of the league.  How can we upset the odds?”
Anthony Edwards, via email

Sebastian Larsson says:

“When I won the Carling Cup with Birmingham we talked about not wanting to come off the pitch with any regrets.

You don’t know how many chances you’re going to get to play in a cup final so make the most of it. Enjoy it.

We knew the pressure was on Arsenal so we just focused on our game plan. As underdogs, we didn’t only speak about the defensive side though; we also spoke about how important it was to keep the ball ourselves when we got possession.

My advice would be to keep your routine as normal as possible leading up to the game and relax.

Don’t worry too much about what the opposition can do – focus on what you have to do and make sure everyone in the team knows their individual jobs.

If you’re playing against a side who are better technically, pressure them all over pitch. Don’t give them the freedom to play their game.

Get after them as a team, not man-for-man – that never works.”

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