18 March 2018
Caretaker coach Dave Sarachan has handed a number of young players their first call-up ahead of the USA's friendly against Paraguay.
ISI Photos-John Dorton
7 March 2018
Tab Ramos is one of U.S. Soccer's all-time great players. But is the current men's technical director part of the solution for the program?
ISI Photos-Brad Smith
28 February 2018
The newly created roles will oversee the hiring and firing of coaches for the men's and women's national teams. A lot of the rest is TBD.
ISI Photos-Roy K. Miller
26 February 2018
A spirited debate has given way to relative normalcy following the election of Carlos Cordeiro. The new U.S. Soccer president would be wise to revisit some of these ideas from his competitors.
ISI Photos-Perry McIntyre
22 February 2018
Increased funds are attracting more international talent, but some team officials are concerned about the effect on young domestic players.
21 February 2018
As some still pine for an open system, U.S. Soccer - and one Sunil Gulati - actually planned for it three decades ago. Then, MLS came along.
ISI Photos-Roy K. Miller
15 February 2018
After making promises in not one, but two elections, U.S. Soccer's new president will need to quickly take tangible action.
ISI Photos-Roy K. Miller
12 February 2018
U.S. Soccer's newly elected president has spoken about his platform. Executing it will be a different challenge.
ISI Photos-Roy K. Miller
12 February 2018
Carlos Cordeiro's move from VP to president means continuity for U.S. Soccer. Sunil Gulati — 2026 World Cup bid and all — is still in the picture, which won't quiet his critics.
Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports
10 February 2018
Carlos Cordeiro is the new president of U.S. Soccer. Just as they were in the build-up to voting, opinions are divided over his election. Here's a collection of reactions from fans, journalists, fellow candidates and team owners.


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