23 February 2016
More than two decades on, how the hosting of the world's most eyeballed sporting event helped an entire continent onto its feet... 
4 June 2014
It almost never happened. But off the back of one man's mortgage, the USA put on a record-breaking World Cup that changed football forever. Jamie Trecker tells the inside story
Jorge Campos USA '94
15 June 2018
The Mexico shot-stopper – renowned for his dazzling shirts and prowess as a striker – still can’t believe FIFA banned goalkeepers from playing outfield
Baggio Brazil USA 94
12 June 2018
It wasn't quite the kick that killed a career, but there was no coming back from shootout heartbreak for the Divine Ponytail – who still can't shake the feeling today
5 July 2017
Romario has told FourFourTwo that he had never taken a penalty for Brazil before stepping up in the USA 94 Final shootout against Italy.
Graham Taylor, England manager
13 January 2017
When Taylor granted TV cameras full access to his England camp in 1993, little could he have predicted the furore that followed. FFT went behind the scenes of the film that hung the beleaguered boss out to dry with his ‘Taylorisms’ – and ruined the career of his right-hand man   
5 June 2014
Predicted as the tournament's dark horse, Colombia wilted under the weight of expectation and the lingering threat of Cartel retribution.
5 June 2014
Hitesh Ratna remembers two of the biggest surprises of World Cup '94: Ireland upending Italy and Romania eliminating Argentina
Roy Hodgson Switzerland
5 June 2014
Summer 2014's ill-fated jaunt to Brazil wasn't Roy's first taste of a World Cup. Louis Massarella remembers the adventure that went much better...


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