World Cup Wonderland
27 March 2018
France '98 was supposed to be the striker's crowning glory, but an unexplained incident shattered his – and Brazil's – dreams. Conspiracy theories raged after the Seleção were humbled 3-0 by France – but in the latest FourFourTwo Film, the man himself recalls what happened 
Gary Lineker 1986
1 December 2017
Lineker won the Golden Boot at Mexico 86 with six goals for England. FourFourTwo went through the photo album with him...
25 June 2014
Musos used to say the devil has the best tunes. But does the devil work for the BBC or ITV? FourFourTwo's James Maw compares the British television theme tunes to the last eight tournaments to determine which network is best (at coming up with theme tunes). Wistful sighs and shameful cringing aplenty...
13 June 2014
England’s Chile 62 goalkeeper Alan Hodgkinson tells Richard Edwards about the Three Lions’ last World Cup in South America...
13 June 2014
With England set to get their World Cup underway with their match against Italy on Saturday, Back of the Net's John Foster tells the untold story of the Three Lions' World Cup history...
12 June 2014
With the World Cup now less than two months away, James Maw picks his all-time tournament eleven. 
11 June 2014
Immediately after the curtain came down on the 2010 World Cup, FourFourTwo's writers downloaded their thoughtboxes...
11 June 2014
It was a strange old tournament, as Back of the Net's sideways glance demonstrates
South Africa 2010
11 June 2014
The former Fulham midfielder and South African international tells FFT about playing in a home World Cup
11 June 2014
Runners-up in 2006, France blew themselves apart in 2010 – as Louis Massarella recalls


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