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27 February 2017
Get your hands on the latest edition of FourFourTwo magazine – available in print and on iPad and iPhone – from Wednesday, March 1
26 February 2017
FourFourTwo's winners and losers of the weekend, as Manchester United snatch the first silverware of the season
26 February 2017
Gerard Brand picks the best of more than half a century of League Cup finals
25 February 2017
All the scores and stories from today's Premier League games, with FourFourTwo
Louis van Gaal, Bayern Munich
24 February 2017
Crispin Andrews pores over the history books to find more bosses who were binned soon after trinket triumphs
24 February 2017
Foxes supporters have chosen their side in future, Back of the Net can reveal.
24 February 2017
FourFourTwo's look ahead to this weekend's round of tussles: featuring talking points, stories, and brain-tickling statistics
24 February 2017
Stuart Fagg selects some second-tier stars who could be set for promotion to the top flight this summer - even if their clubs miss out
24 February 2017
Sad as it is, writes FFT's resident Fox Joe Brewin, this was a sinking ship that the Italian had lost control of long ago
23 February 2017
The Leicester boss insists he was unaware of any betting markets, Back of the Net reports.


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