New York City

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
21 March 2017
Three weeks have given us a taste or what these elite groups could do.
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports
13 March 2017
Three years in, and "circus soccer" continues to reign on the league's smallest, purportedly crooked field.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
1 March 2017
Atlanta and Minnesota are the 2017 expansion teams, but they don't have to look far to realize that not all initial plans pan out.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
1 March 2017
Frank Lampard is gone. Maxi Moralez joins David Villa and Andrea Pirlo as New York City FC's DPs.
27 February 2017
Who wins the East? Who wins the West? Who wins MVP. Let us tell you.
17 February 2017
MLS is always wide open, but a few teams look like way-too-early favorites to win MLS Cup. And a few look like they're in for trouble.
16 February 2017
Ali Curtis is officially out, on the heels of Dax McCarty being shipped away. The potential for disappointment feels strong for the Red Bulls, and NYCFC's ascent complicates matters.
23 January 2017
Who made the right moves this offseason? Who flopped?
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports
14 January 2017
Two trades into the top of the draft underscored the value of being in Friday's top four.


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