31 May 2019
Danny Murphy believes Jurgen Klopp’s miserable record in major finals will “become an issue” should Liverpool suffer Champions League defeat to Tottenham.
Gary Lineker
14 June 2018
Si Hawkins gets creative and imagines the dream team punditry scenarios we'd be keen to see at World Cup 2018
3 May 2018
Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy dismissed Zeljko Buvac's ability to step into management at Arsenal.
12 July 2017
Adding Virgil van Dijk to the back four could be crucial to Liverpool's hopes of success in 2017-18, Danny Murphy says.
Liverpool 2001 treble
28 February 2017
Mark Langshaw looks back at the Reds side that brought home the UEFA Cup, FA Cup and League Cup in an unforgettable season
1 January 2016
Danny Murphy talked up Tottenham, saying they are better than Liverpool in almost every position.
19 November 2015
Danny Murphy has talked up John Stones' credentials as a starting centre-back for England in the hope that Roy Hodgson takes the bait.
22 September 2014
Former Fulham midfielder Danny Murphy says he will be 'wait to be asked' about rejoining the club in a coaching capacity.


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