Bianchi back for third term at Boca

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It's a time for reflection in Argentina. The season has ended and now is the time to uproot, leave the stinkingly hot city and head to the beaches of Uruguay.

Entire football clubs decamp to Argentine resorts such as Mar del Plata, Carmelo and across the River Plate to South America's self-styled St Tropez of the South, Punta del Este.

Here the teams strut their stuff on the beach with expensive haircuts and cheap speedos, getting papped coming out of night clubs with either models or a black eye. It also welcomes the return of daily football paper, Ole's Diosa del Dia (Godess of the Day) but I digress.

Bianchi: "Guess whose back... back again..."

The season came to a close with Boca winning a three-team play-off, despite losing to Tigre in the final game.

However, the celebrations have been overshadowed by the startling news that Carlos Bianchi is back at the club as 'general manager' while the other Carlos, Ischia, remains head coach of the squad.

The hugely popular Bianchi is Boca's most successful coach ever, winning nine titles during his two stints as manager. And now in a move that Peter Mandelson would be proud of, he's back for a third spell.

He has reassured Ischia at a news conference that, "Carlos is the chief of the first team. He manages the dressing room. If I have to talk to the players, I'll do it, but the dressing room is his property." Whatever that means.

Ischia: "Don't ask me, I'm just the head coach... I think"

His contract also stipulates that he can't take over the head coach job if Ischia goes. The current coach, despite guiding Boca to the title, has been unpopular with some of the Boca aristocracy, not least Maradona, who called him a 'big fat steak'.

What Bianchi's actual role is, is still unsure, but one of his first jobs is to find a new goalkeeper after Javier Garcia - who let in a horrendous goal against Tigre - was rendered surplus to requirements.

Isn't that the coach's job? Who knows?

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