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Can Cardiff tame the meaniest Pitbull on the block?

The Pitbull has gone. The meanest, nastiest, most violent, brutish and downright dangerous midfielder in La Liga has moved to Cardiff blooming City.

Gary Medel, the one-man carnage machine who has the ability to mop up the messes of his back four, terrify both the opposition and his team-mates and boot chairs at police officers with no retribution from the plod.

To be fair to Sevilla boss Unai Emery, it's easy to see why the ill-tempered Chilean has been packed off to Wales for a reported £11 million fee. While an in-form Medel is a forceful, physical presence in midfield for Sevilla, the 26-year-old can be an enormous liability, given his incredibly short fuse. "He finds it hard to stay calm," was the observation of former team-mate Albert Boti­a, after Medel was dismissed in April's Seville derby.

It was an example of Medel's somewhat erratic behaviour towards the end of last season, a period which also saw the live-wire given his marching orders during a Copa del Rey clash with Atletico Madrid after giving Diego Costa a bit of a whack. That was after breaking the arm of Tiago Mendes in a hefty challenge earlier in the match.

"In private, the Sevilla bosses are celebrating his sale to Cardiff," notes Monday's edition of Marca. However, that does sound a little mean considering Medel was perhaps the only footballer mad enough to sing Sevilla songs in an empty stadium as part of a promotional campaign.

La Liga Loca's closest encounter with the former Sevilla man was outside the Rayo Vallecano dressing rooms. Normally, there is a short walk outside to the waiting coach of the visiting team. The general disorganisation in Vallecas make the spot a good one to ambush a player. Not Medel though, oh no. The Chilean strolled out the entrance to the dressing room area and everyone parted in seconds to allow to the squat South American footballer onto his bus.

There's no show-boating, badge-kissing or pro-wrestler style growling from the Pitbull in showing off his toughness. There is no snarling and there are no threats. The punishment dished out by Medel, when required, is swift and brutal, like a Glaswegian bar fight. Indeed, the new Cardiff signing fits the description of being the Begbie of La Liga (link contains bad language and naughtiness). Premier League footballers should beware. Cardiff City fans should rejoice.