El World Cup Diario Day 7: Not a matter of life or death

Having stayed up until the small hours watching Croatia-Cameroon last night, and Russia-South Korea the previous night, and Ghana-USA the night before that, and Argentina-Bosnia the night before, and Ivory Coast-Japan until 4am the previous night, and a Last Of The Summer Wine box-set until way past 5 in the morning before the World Cup even started, El Diario is now feeling a tad jiggered.

We feel on the verge of physical and mental collapse, but this is not a complaint. We are now seven days into a World Cup finals and this is exactly how it's supposed to feel. This is official World Cup sleep-deprived exhaustion and it feels somehow right. True, we look like s**t and ran out of clean pants on Day Three, but it could be worse. How could it be worse? Well, we could be dead for starters.

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