Election Campaign 2009... La Liga Loca for president!

âÂÂPresident Florentinoâ boasted MarcaâÂÂs headline on Tuesday as it detailed a poll commissioned by the paper that made the Bernabeu bottler the most popular candidate for members with a 62.9 percent of the vote.

âÂÂThe Real Madrid members have made it clear who their favourite president is,â declared the dailyâÂÂs editorial.

âÂÂIf he decides to stand then he will have no opposition,â said, MarcaâÂÂs director, Eduardo Inda on Wednesday night.

La Liga Loca has a forceful, firm message to Mr Inda:

Sir, you were wrong about Cristiano Ronaldo (and David Villa, Santi Cazorla, Jermaine Pennant... and you are wrong, once again, about the Real Madrid election.

ThatâÂÂs because the blog has an important, potentially shark-jumping, announcement to make.

No longer will it stand on the sidelines and sneer. No longer will it mock and make fun of the constant calamities at Castle Greyskull. Well, maybe occasionally.

La Liga Loca has the honour and pleasure of announcing that it is running for the presidency of Real Madrid and will stand in this summerâÂÂs election.

And it will win.

People of the world. ItâÂÂs time for change. Change you can feel. Change you can touch. Change you can smell.

ItâÂÂs time to open the windows of the Bernabeu, clear the air and sweep things under the carpet.

ItâÂÂs time for the blog to slap on the hair gel, put on the shiny suit, jump into the snake pit and buy Roberto Gómez a 10-course dinner.

âÂÂFlorentino Pérez is the Barack Obama of Real Madrid,â says John Carlin. If thatâÂÂs truly the case, then La Liga Loca is Hillary Clinton. But a winning version.

There will be doubters who say âÂÂbut La Liga Loca isnâÂÂt even a Real Madrid fan.â But La Liga Loca says âÂÂnor is Juan Villalonga, the man who claimed, last summer, that it is his destiny to run Valencia.âÂÂ

There will be doubters who say âÂÂbut La Liga Loca is a quitter!â But La Liga Loca says âÂÂyes, thatâÂÂs true, but who was it that walked away from the club when times got tough?âÂÂ

And there will be doubters who say âÂÂbut La Liga Loca isnâÂÂt Spanish, a member of 10 years nor has the 60 million euro deposit required to stand.âÂÂ

But La Liga Loca says âÂÂgood point.âÂÂ

But thatâÂÂs where you, Dear Reader, come in - the beaming fans of Barça, the bored-of-it-all Beticos, the simpletons from Seville.

La Liga Loca will not be making this historic journey alone. Instead, itâÂÂs a path we will be following together, arm-in-arm, side-by-side, watching each otherâÂÂs backs with knives in hand.

Over the coming weeks and months - or until the FourFourTwo lawyers beg us to stop - you, Dear Reader, will find out how you can help on this voyage of discovery. This journey of destiny. This mission for free seats at Wimbledon.

But for now, donâÂÂt believe the hype from the Powers That Be that there can be only one winner in this race. DonâÂÂt believe the madness from The Man.

Instead, believe in La Liga Loca - the change that Real Madrid deserves.


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