Independiente sleeping with the enemy

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For Independiente, the unthinkable has happened.

The rivalry between Racing and Independiente is one of the most intense in Argentina. It's difficult to express how much they hate each other. And yet, as both teams reach crisis point - Racing are fighting the relegration zone - a die-hard, life-long Racing fan has been appointed manager of Independiente.

The current Colo Colo coach will return from Chile at the end of this season to take up the role.

However, as he was presented to the press and underwent the usual 'here's a red shirt display', Claudio Borghi actually refused to put it on. "It's a size too big, he said with a laugh."

He went on to explain: "They are taking on a manager, not a fan." But it is unlikely to appease Independiente fans who would probably rather have my mum as coach than a Racing fan.

And imagine, the hostility of the fans even if they do accept the idea. Every time they lose, 'Bichi' Borghi is going to get more hassle than the particularly thick skinned Argentine managers are used to.

Paranormal Boca

Boca Juniors have always attracted a wide fan base, covering all social classes and even nationalities, but now it appears that they are attracting fans from the afterlife.

"Sometimes I hear La Doce (Boca's barra brava) singing 'Dale Boca, Dale Booooccaaa' but I walk onto the pitch and there is no one there," claims one cafe worker. "It gives me goose pimples and I leave running."

A security guard has also spotted paranormal activities in the stadium. "Sometimes you hear knocks always in the same places, but we never see anything, but occasionally there is a black shadow moving away."

Argentine Copa failure

It has been a pretty grim time all round for Argentine football, but not even the Copa Libertadores offers a reason to cheer.

Of the five teams who have already secured their places in the next stage of the finals, none are Argentine and only Estudiantes, Verón's team, are leading their four team mini league (Lanus are second) and are almost certain to go through.