John Terry: Champions League victory exactly how I planned it

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As the dust settles on Chelsea's amazing Champions League victory, Back of the Net's John Foster explains that John Terry always knew things would unfold in such a fashion...

Chelsea captain John Terry has declared himself 'over the moon' with his side’s penalty shootout triumph in the Champions League final, announcing that the trophy was just reward for his brilliantly executed tactical masterplan.

Chelsea were victorious against Bayern Munich despite allowing the German side countless chances to win the game, an outcome Terry revealed was “always my plan”.

The 31-year old did not play in the match, however, following his red card against Barcelona in the previous round, a dismissal Terry proudly stated was “the most important piece of the jigsaw.”

“If I hadn’t crucially kneed Alexis Sanchez in the bum when I did, we’d have lost that game, no question,” Terry asserted. “In that moment it all came down to me, and I’m very proud I did my duty.

“Plus, it was crucial I get myself suspended for the final, so that I could heroically lead the lads to victory from the sidelines,” he added.

“If that’s not leadership, I don’t know what is.”

JT - pictured with his assistants - loves it when a plan comes together

Terry also claimed credit for changing into full matchday kit, including shinpads, to lift the trophy at the end, telling that the gesture spoke volumes about his character.

“It would have been the easiest thing in the world to stay on the sidelines and let the players who won it take the glory, but I’m big enough and man enough to stand right in the middle of any celebration, whether it’s got anything to do with me or not.”

In addition, the former England captain chose to dedicate his medal to a player he described as “the man who makes Chelsea what they are”, namely himself.

“It’s a great night for the owner, for the lads, and of course for the fans,” Terry remarked, “But most of all, this victory was all about me.

“At the end of the day, no-one deserves it more.”

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