La Liga’s Good Day, Bad Day - Round 23

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Víctor Valdés

The other day, the Satanic singer from Maroon 5 popped up on La Liga Loca’s TV and the blog was reminded of the fact that the smug-faced so-and-so could write the modern equivalent of ‘Hey Jude’ but still be worthy of being hung, drawn and quartered simply for penning “She Will Be Loved.”

And it’s the same situation for Víctor Valdés this season, who may never be forgiven for his past misdemeanours, despite the fact that he has only conceded 18 goals.

And that’s not even mentioning his one-on-one save against Royston Drenthe in the Camp Nou that prevented Madrid going 1-0 up - a lead they may well have hung on to.

There was a similar moment on Saturday night against Betis. At 2-1 up, Ricardo Oliveira was through on goal with just Víctor in his path. But a diving save at the Brazilian’s feet prevented a third and a possible victory for Betis.

So the blog has a poser for Barça fans. No, not Sergio Ramos. Is it time to forgive and forget past indiscretions and show Víctor the love? Or would you still prefer a proper keeper between the sticks?


La Liga Loca is duty bound to shake the Real Madrid skipper by the hand and mumble a brief well done on his 309 goals for the side, beating Di Stefano’s all-time record.

But it must also give praise to the Sporting crowd, who upset a number of poe-faced Madrid TV channels on Sunday night by failing to bow down before the “mysterious crack” as Marca described him by singing “’illa, ‘illa, ‘illa...Villa maravilla.” Very cool.

Bernabeu fans

Well, people power has won over in the Spanish capital, as it looks like Madrid fans’ constant barracking of Royston Drenthe, both during home games and open training sessions, has paid off. Their wishes have come true.

According to a number of papers - led by El Pais, so it may well be true - Drenthe was so traumatised by the pee-taking treatment that the Dutchman asked Juande Ramos to leave him out of the last three squad lists.

“As a manager, I have to help him out any way I can,” explained the caring, sharing Bernabeu boss in response.


After Barcelona, Málaga continue to be the most watcheable team in La Liga, just ahead of Atlético in third. But for very different reasons. However, the entertaining, topsy-turvy 1-1 draw in Mestalla against Valencia still wasn’t enough to grab the blog’s undivided attention.

That’s because both Toy Story and Toy Story 2 were on a rival channel. And scheduled to finish at 1.30am. And this led La Liga Loca to wonder why two of the greatest children’s films ever made were scheduled for the early hours of the morning.

And why a movie which showed a bad guy being stabbed to death with a nail gun was shown at a more family friendly time of 5pm on the same day? Answers on a postcard, etc.

Nikola Zigic

Another goal on his return to Racing. And the first with his head.


A very big win for Almería in a very nutty game which saw five goals, four red cards and one great comeback for the home side.

At 2-0 down with half an hour to go, Albert Crusat struck home to lead a remarkable 3-2 revival for Hugo Sánchez’ men and make up for seven days ago when it was Almería who blew a 2-0 lead to lose against Málaga.

Aritz Aduriz

A bit of a cheeky 1-0 win for Mallorca over Numancia on Sunday considering it was achieved by a player from Athletic Bilbao who they have yet to pay for.

And seeing as the Basque battlers had to face Recre without the injured Fernando Llorente, La Liga Loca has adjusted its own rather arbitrary league table - lead by Getafe at the moment - to reflect Mallorca still below Numancia.

Freddie Kanouté

Some may scoff, but the Sevilla striker is one of the best players you will ever see if you catch him in his full, Technicolor, surround-sound glory. As efficiently smooth as a well-oiled Ever Banega, Kanouté glides through games.

But not when things get a little desperate, as they did at the Montjuic on Sunday night. With minutes to go and the score-line goalless, Kanouté got on the end of a deflected Jesus Navas cross by shoving his defender, Pareja, out of the way.

This has caused a bit of a kerfuffle from the Montjuic regulars, who are overlooking the fact that the same defender gave an almighty tug on the Malian’s shirt just seconds before. Apples is apples, swings and roundabouts says an unsympathetic La Liga Loca.



If they hadn’t had a couple of clowns playing in goal for them this season - Pato and Jacobo - and could take penalties, Getafe would be a good seven or eight points clear at the top of the table. No doubt.

Juan Albín’s missed effort against Atlético in Sunday night’s 1-1 draw was the side’s fourth stuffed-up spot kick of the season, costing them a possible two points. Two more were lost by Roberto Soldado against Betis, and Jacobo punching the ball straight at Espanyol’s Ivan Alonso last weekend cost yet more.

The most irritating fact about Sunday’s latest balls-up was that Albín wasn’t even supposed to be taking the penalty. Victor Muñoz had given that responsibility to either Javier Casquero or Esteban Granero. Not that the Getafe manager had revealed this cunning plan to the rest of the squad, it would appear.

“I hope Víctor spends the next two days teaching them how to take penalties,” sighed club president Angel Torres after the game. La Liga Loca suspects it may take longer than that. Plebs.

Atlético Madrid

1-0 up, three minutes to go, a handy home victory and a return to the Champions League places was awaiting Atleti. So of course, the match ended 1-1.

Atlético have now failed to overcome Athletic, Valladolid and Getafe at home - dropped points that would have put the rojiblancos in a handy third place.

“We have to manage our games better,” noted Abel Resino after his home debut. No s**t Sherlock.

Valencia, Villarreal

These two numbskulls are the latest Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dees of La Liga. The enormous effort of Villarreal’s victory over Numancia last week exhausted them during Sunday’s 1-1 draw at Racing, while Valencia are now a couple of handkerchief-waving wipe-outs from getting rid of a perplexed Unai Emery.

Not that the club can afford a bag of Maltesers, at the moment.

“We realise that it would not have been fair had we won,” admitted the Valencia boss after Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Málaga.


Oh dear. Like the 13-year-old father, Espanyol are going down fast without knowing what might happen next. And watching closely is Paul from Barcelona with his latest despatch from the front lines.

“Be warned, La Liga is fast becoming the W.W.E.

Results are arranged beforehand. Any of you who saw this match can back me up.

Two clear penalties for Espanyol turned down. One for a handball so clear you could see it even if you weren't watching the match and the second for the attempted decapitation of Luis Garcia by Palop.

Wearing a blue shirt was a yellow card offence. Sevilla’s first goal (what a horrible, cheating, thuggish, bunch that make Almería look like fair play award contenders) was a clear foul on Pareja.

Diego Capel wasn't the worst and that should tell you all you need to know. They should be ashamed of themselves. Professionals in any sector don't behave like this. (banking sector excluded).

The ref was quite simply ******* (sorry folks, libel laws). Hello Betis fans. Hope you will have your say on the standard of refereeing.

Stray cats 0. Working toilets in my section 0"

Paul, Barcelona


A bit like life, Sporting were a crushing disappointment full of failure and despair from beginning to end in their 4-0 defeat against Real Madrid.

“I have a strange feeling, it’s like we were sick. We were so poor,” confessed manager, Manolo Preciado.

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