Leicester fans decide to follow Ranieri rather than club after divorce

Foxes supporters have chosen their side in future, Back of the Net can reveal.

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A statement from Leicester City fans has announced that after much deliberation they will continue to follow Claudio Ranieri rather than Leicester City Football Club.

The break-up of the club they love dearly and the manager they idolise has traumatised many supporters, who were unexpectedly forced to choose between the two when the Foxes board asked Ranieri to move out.

And, after a period of soul-searching, Foxes fans have opted to stick with Ranieri while still attending the King Power Stadium every now and again on weekends.

Claudio Ranieri

"I'm with you every step of the way, Claudio"

"I'll still check their results"

Obviously I’m praying he doesn’t start a relationship with a completely unsuitable new club on the rebound, or, God forbid, join Derby or Forest

- Leicester fan

“I’ve supported Leicester City for 40 years, I love the club unconditionally, but I also love Ranieri more than anything. Ideally you’d want those two to stick together even if times get hard,” Leicester fan Dean Cross told FourFourTwo.

“But it’s with regret that I’ve been made to choose and I’m going to be sticking with Claudio and supporting him. In fact I’m off to watch him pack his house up today. There should be around 40,000 of us there to cheer him on as he boxes up his possessions.

“This doesn’t mean I don’t care about Leicester and I’ll still be checking in on their results regularly, but I’m a Ranieri fan now whether that’s cheering him at his new club or watching him pay off his estimated gas bill for the remainder of the year.

“Obviously I’m praying he doesn’t start a relationship with a completely unsuitable new club on the rebound, or, God forbid, join Derby or Forest. It’d be hard to keep supporting him while hating his club, but I'd do it.”

Matt Elliott

"Of course I enjoyed the League Cup triumph in 2000, but Claudio's Claudio"

Awaiting next step

Some fans have admitted that choosing Ranieri could put a strain on their daily lives, especially if he chooses to take a job in Serie A.

“I work in Melton Mowbray, so I’m not sure how it’ll work out if he takes the Fiorentina job – there could be some tough Tuesday nights in Crotone for me,” former Leicester season ticket holder Darren Ridley told FFT.

“But that would probably be better than if he chooses to retire. I could see that being a pretty dull 20 years or so.

“There just aren’t any big games in Italy these days. Especially not in residential care homes.”

Please note: This satirical story is not real. Obviously.

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