Maradona wades into Peronist politics

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Peronism. Argentina's dominant political movement is about as easy to understand as geothermal physics.

There are Peronists and then there are Peronists. And they hate each other. Named after Juan Domingo Peron, who had some famous wife or other and became famous with his populist politics, in which he somehow managed to reconcile workers' rights with the harbouring of Nazi war criminals.

And that example is demonstrative of the paradox of Peronism.

Maradona, another tricky cookie to crack, has now waded into Peronist politics with customary confusion. 'The number 10 of Judicialism will be Maradona,' the former president Nestor Kirchner said. Answers on a postcard.

The new number 10 of Judicialism. No, we don't know either

No one will be sure what God's role will be within the government but, understandably, cynics among you maybe thinking it is a cheap ploy to get publicity for the ruling party. The opposition party are also Peronists (naturally). But surely not – apparently 'all of Diego's family were Peronist' which is akin to saying 'all British families like a cup of tea'.

Perhaps he will become the ambassador to the UK, maybe the World Bank's spokesperson, or perhaps Principal Private Secretary to the Minister of Cigar Smoking, Talking Bollocks, and Stirring Up Trouble.

If anyone has any other ideas for Diego's role, we welcome them. And can someone please explain Peronism to me.