A Mexican pottymouth and an Emo admission

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It seems that Bernd Schuster is not the only manager in Madrid to have an uncontrollable evil dark side, as Javier Aguirre does, too.

While the alter-ego of the man at the helm of Real Madrid has taken to getting up in the night, logging onto his website to criticise his own managerial decisions, Atlético's Mexican man of mayhem has been much more public in his polemical pronunciations.

By day, Aguirre is a smiling, joshing and japing mild-mannered manager. But come match day, he turns into a potty-mouthed, X-Rated video on legs.

The former Osasuna coach first showed signs of this bi-polar behaviour against Real Zaragoza, early last month, when he reportedly yelled "you're going down to the second!" - but with extra naughty words - to Zaragoza team doctor Jesus Villanueva, as he passed by the rojiblanco bench.

"I didn't know who he was", confessed a contrite coach after the game. "I thought he was the ball collector".

Javier Aguirre -  Atlético Madrid's Mexican man of mayhem

Evil Aguirre was back in action, on Saturday night, against Villarreal, when La Sexta's tv cameras caught Robert Pires saying, "you talk a lot", to the Mexican manager.

"He called Pires 'a son of a b****'" complained Villarreal big cheese, Fernando Roig, as way of explanation for the Frenchman's 'j'accuse'. "I didn't insult anyone", responded Aguirre unconvincingly.

Marca reports, on Tuesday, that the Atlético coach may have got a taste of his own swearing medicine from José Antonio Reyes when the whining winger was told that he had been dropped from the Sevilla squad, the previous weekend.

"Hijjjjjjjjjjjchhh de Puuuuuuuaaaaaaaa", is the nearest approximation the blog can do to what the midfielder called Aguirre in his near incomprehensible Andalusian accent.

La Sexta's incompetent commentator, Andres Montes, plumped new depths of uselessness during the Villarreal v Atlético Madrid match, on Saturday night, during the Yellow Submarine's opening goal.

"A terrible mistake from Pernia!" he yelled. "From Perea", corrected the pitchside reporter. "And a great goal from....from...from" "...Cazorla", completed his co-commentator.

Veteran Mallorca manager, Gregoria Manzano, has revealed that he will be taking a ride on the information superhighway by starting a blog. Which is all very 2005.

"My blog will allow me to reflect and explain my decisions on areas that have not been asked about", he revealed. And in an exclusive, La Liga Loca can bring you an early draft, hacked off the coach's laptop by FourFourTwo's crack ubergeek team.

"Hello. My name's Gregorio. At least, that's what they tell me. I don't remember that much these days. I'm the manager of Mallorca! And we have fish on Friday! I like fish. Where am I? What does this button...".

In shocking news that has stunned the city of Seville, a close friend of Sergio Ramos has revealed that the Real Madrid defender can't stand flamenco music - something that will ensure a hostile reception on his next trip down south.

"He hates it, but has to pretend the opposite", admitted Olaf Prilo to a local Andalusian paper. "He's more into My Chemical Romance and anything Emo".

Ramos - Can't stand flamenco music, more into Emo