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Revealed: The true cost of a Championship season ticket

How much does it cost to attend a football match? Quite a bit, if you include a shirt, scarf, pie 'n' pint - especially if your mob fail to respond by winning their home games.  

Presented here (and for the Premier League) is a league table of cost per home win for all this season's Championship teams. As you'd expect, promoted sides are near the top and relegated sides near the bottom - Bournemouth give you bang for your buck, while QPR demand a queen's ransom - but kudos to Derby for providing value for money...

More good news for Derby fans is that they have the shortest total distance to travel to away games, while poor old new boys Yeovil will travel almost twice as far - not that the Glovers' fans will mind too much as they watch their club's first-ever odyssey through the second tier.  

Meanwhile, Big Mick McCarthy's got a job on at Ipswich providing value for money - the Portman Road day out costs almost twice as much as going to Blackpool. And of course Ipswich, last time we looked, hasn't got a tower... 

INFOGRAPHIC True cost of a Premier League season ticket