Revealed: The true cost of a Premier League season ticket

New survey tots up cost of ticket, shirt, scarf, pie and pint  and provides some surprising reading...

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Fascinating figures reach FFT Towers about the cost of attending Premier League games -“ and the moolah you have to shell out per home win.

It seems that despite losing the title to their bitterest rivals, Man City fans can at least console themselves that they get the best deal in terms of pounds per home win - paying £34.68 per victory.

On the other hand, Southampton supporeters, who might consider their heroes to have had a great first season back in the top flight, paid the most per home victory: £127.37. 

Liverpool is the cheapest place to get a shirt, scarf, pie 'n' pint, while their near-neighbours Everton are the cheapest for the merchandise-snubbing pie 'n' pint purchasers - with Tottenham at the other end of that scale, although their North London rivals Arsenal provide the priciest all-in matchday experience.

Read on for the full information - and check out the Championship prices, too... 

INFOGRAPHIC True cost of a Championship season ticket