Sacked Redknapp looks forward to pursuing interests outside football but unable to name single other thing

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Back of the Net's Paul Watson wonders if Harry can survive on Civvy Street

Harry Redknapp has declared his intention to explore other interests while waiting for a new club – but in a lengthy press conference today he failed to name one thing that didn’t relate to the beautiful game.

It was a rollercoaster year for Redknapp, who seemed set to become only the second manager to narrowly avoid a prison sentence and be named England manager in the same day, but, unlike Terry Venables, he missed out on the national job when the FA’s chief executive accidentally sort of promised it to Roy Hodgson at a dinner party and kind of had to give it to him instead.

Further disappointment was to follow for Redknapp as despite finishing fourth Spurs missed out on a place in next season’s Champions League for reasons so illogical the UEFA spokesman entrusted with explaining them in an email had to be committed to an institution several days later.

Now Spurs chairman Daniel Levy has delivered another blow to the saggy-faced wide boy by dismissing him and announcing his plan to go in search of a "misguided foreign appointment" who could "undo Harry’s good work and further erode the board’s relationship with the supporters".

“Of course it’s a shock and a disappointment but I see this as a chance to have a sabbatical and explore other interests while I wait for another offer,” Redknapp explained to FourFourTwo.

"'Oo won the Derby? City or United?"

“You know, when you manage a team it takes up your entire life and you miss out on a lot. For instance I can’t remember the last time I could just sit back of an evening and watch Match of the Day or even just curl up with a film like Escape to Victory, Goal! or… what’s the other one you get? Goal 2, that’s it."

Quizzed further about his off-the-field passions, Redknapp went on to describe playing Football Manager, entering the Daily Telegraph’s Fantasy Football League, playing the Football Pools and eating cheese footballs.

Editor's note: this isn't a serious accusation and all quotes are fictionalised. But you knew that, because you're not stupid.

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