Valladolid's presidential action man

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It isn't often you see a Spanish club president out on a training field - except if it's to rip his manager a new one or if there are free biscuits going.

Most are too wheezy and sleazy to beat a path from either the boardroom buffet or restaurant to take part in any kind of energetic action.

The only time that the multi-chinned Deportivo head honcho, Augusto Lendoiro, ever breaks into a sweat is when looking at his club's account books.

Nevertheless, this week Valladolid's Carlos Suárez was pictured in Marca joining in the pre-season fun with the rest of the squad - without the aid of nurses too. But that's because this particular president is not your typical stuffed shirt.

With a vague resemblance to nut-job Queens of the Stone Age singer Josh Homme, Suárez, at the age of just 40, is one of the youngest big-wigs in the Spanish game - by a good 60 years or so.

Carlos Suárez: "OK if I join in lads?"

And as a former basketball player, he is someone who knows a thing or two about sport - unlike most of his presidential brethren who happened to have made killings (in a financial sense, or course) in the real estate market or possess very rich business buddies to fund them.

"When I started here, there were players older than me like Eusebio or Caminero," points out Suárez when asked why he likes to join his minions in their training sessions. "I'm not doing exercises like (mad Alaves man) Piterman did because you have to have an enormous respect for their profession."

When La Liga Loca was banished to Valladolid for the day last season to find a footballer bored or lonely enough to talk to it, the blog had the opportunity to see Suárez in his element - hanging about the dressing rooms, chain smoking and chatting away to players. And that's what makes him one of the more likeable presidents in Spain - although that's not too hard an achievement.

"It's his past in sport and his youth that makes him a president that's not just close to his players but also to those who look after the team," write Marca approvingly.

Suárez says that he models the management style of the club on the most grounded, normal, professional, vaguely sane outfits in the Primera, Villarreal. "They couldn't have achieved more, with less," sighed the Valladolid man, admiringly.

Another one of the more affable figures in the game in Spain has been spouting forth this week - Joaquín Caparrós. Pictured in Friday's AS, standing in a lake for some unexplained reason, the Athletic Bilbao manager has been revealing why he is putting his players through a 16-match pre-season regime taking on the likes of Charlton and Colchester.

Bilbao boss Caparrós barks out his orders at... Charlton? 

"The objective is to have a competitive level. With tension and living football day to day. In this way we will start the season like rockets," burbled Caparrós whose team do look like they may be one of the fittest - and physical - of the new campaign, especially as the club has recruited Dr Antonio Escribano to the cause - he of the half-time energy milkshakes at Sevilla.

So far, everything seems to be going to plan for Athletic who have won six of their nine games played. But the hyper-mad Caparrós will not be resting until the end of the season.

"We don't stop. We train, we make reports, we watch every player, we see the youth team games. We're on top of everything," boasted the man now known as Jokin in Bilbao.

Trusting agents about as far as Xavi could throw them, La Liga Loca is expecting the announcement of David Villa's transfer from Valencia any day now. The striker's money man, José Luis Tamorgo, broke away from contract talks on Wednesday to announce that "Villa feels the colours, is happy and hopes to stay here."

A day later Tamorgo revealed that "I can guarantee that he will stay" - a giant come-and-get-him plea if ever there was one.

The same cannot be said for the forgotten man of football Joaquín, who has had his demands for an improved deal laughed out of Mestalla on the grounds that he has done bugger all to justify it.

"We didn't believe that he deserves a better contract," shrugged Vice President Fernando Gómezon, before hurling the wasteful winger into a dumpster.

"Please sir, can I have some more?" 

Joan Laporta has travelled from New York to Tashkent to continue Barça's increasingly peculiar love-fest with Uzbekistan side PFC Bunyodkor, by signing a co-operation agreement with the club.

The Uzbek giants first found fame by claiming that they had captured the signature of Samuel Eto'o - and they don't seem to have been too far from the truth considering that the Cameroon striker, Andrés Iniesta and Carles Puyol have all been sent to the former Russian republic to meet and greet.

Mundo Deportivo have added a highly entertaining instant English translation feature to their website which will keep La Liga Loca amused on those slow news days. Like today.

First up in what will surely become a regular feature is Francesc Aguilar who is either writing about Samuel Eto'o or has gone a little off topic.

"Nobody doubts the tremendous quality of Cameroonian crack. It is impossible to find on the market."

Too true, too true.