The worst cup draw ever?

When you ask the president of one of the clubs involved in a draw to actively participate in it too, you're always asking for trouble. But that's what the Spanish FA did when letting Pablo Córdoba, president of Alcobendas Sport, take part in a draw for the promotion play-offs for the Segunda B division – the third tier of Spanish football.

Images released by show Córdoba to be particularly chuffed by drawing Arandina out of the bowl – unusual, considering the second team had yet to be selected. Amazingly enough, that second team turned out to be his own.

"People are free to be suspicious," said Cordoba when asked about the images, admitting that Arandina was geographically nearer than another side in the draw making it a preferred choice, "but I assure you we haven't cheated anyone. I had a wish and a desire, nothing more."

Check out what happened from 3.45 to 4.17 – and watch the hands...