16 April 2019
From Portugal to Russia, people all over Europe flock to football matches every week. But which teams have the biggest gatherings?
Lucas Moura Huddersfield
15 April 2019
Lucas Moura grabbed himself a tasty treble at the weekend – but can you name his compatriots who've also made an impression in the top flight since 1992? 
Petr Cech Chelsea
15 April 2019
The all-time record for a single campaign will remain intact this term, but one current shot-stopper can still match the man in second
Sadio Mane
12 April 2019
Two-thirds of Liverpool's fearsome front three hail from the continent – and of course, both feature in this here quiz 
Luka Milivojevic Crystal Palace
12 April 2019
Sorry, goalkeepers – you’re always there. Today we’re looking for the near ever-presents in the top flight this term
Cristiano Ronaldo Champions League
11 April 2019
The Portuguese attacker is the competition’s all-time leading scorer with 125 goals – but can you tell us who they’ve come against?
Ryan Giggs Man United Champions League
10 April 2019
These heroes have survived in Europe's top club competition long enough to make a century of appearances – or far more in some cases. Can you recall them all?
Lionel Messi Lyon goal
10 April 2019
No, the answer isn't just 'everyone' – among his 108 goals for Barcelona in European football’s elite club competition, the Argentine genius has netted past 31 sides. Can you recall them all?
Cristiano Ronaldo White Hart Lane
9 April 2019
The Lilywhites are finally in their new home and preparing to host Manchester City in the quarter-finals… so it’s time to test your memory  


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