6 September 2007
"Liverpool spoilt the illusion I could break records"
1 September 2007
"He’s not done it for as long as the rest of my team, but you’re a fool if you don’t think he will continue on the up."
1 September 2007
"I wanted to be a wrestler, but it's probably a bit late now..."
1 September 2007
"What is a Scottish egg?"
1 June 2007
"Despite walking from court an innocent man, The Sun got what they wanted in the end..."
1 March 2007
"Madrid felt Liverpool weren’t matching their valuation of me and I thought it would be good to go to Newcastle"
11 December 2006
"People just choose the best players – Pele, Cruyff and so on – but who's going to do the dirty work? This XI would win matches"
1 December 2006
"I couldn’t hit a granny, could I?..."
21 May 2006
"Leaving Liverpool was the first time I made a decision that was more in my interests than the club's"
1 August 2005
"Our grub is excellent – nothing’s frozen or processed and we do more than 1000 meals a week"


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