2 March 2008
"The introduction of a winter break would have an enormously positive effect in this country."
1 March 2008
"I wanted to be a fireman but I probably wasn’t clever enough. I just fancied sliding down those poles"
1 January 2008
“They were right to call me a thug in the papers”
6 September 2007
"Liverpool spoilt the illusion I could break records"
1 September 2007
"I wanted to be a wrestler, but it's probably a bit late now..."
"The Manchester derbies were incredible, probably because we never used to lose back then..."
1 July 2007
"One of the lads ran up behind me and whipped my tracksuit bottoms down. I finished getting my money and calmly pulled them back up"
1 May 2007
"There was a comic called Sparky, it rhymed with Mark, so I picked that. It wasn’t because I was a frustrated electrician or anything..."
1 May 2007
"Coming from Bath, I supported Manchester United"
"Where I was brought up, there wasn’t really much of a Morris dancing scene"


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