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39% of footballers drink at least once a week

As part of the April 2015 issue of FFT, 123 players currently plying their trade in the Premier League, Football League and Scottish Premier League were quizzed about everything from refereeing to racism in the game.

The answers provided plenty of surprises, including the fact that 39% of players still enjoy a tipple either side of their rigorous training regimes.

I have a good blowout once a month

"I have a good blowout once a month," admitted a current League One player, while in League Two one professional had no problem sharing "a glass of wine with a meal every day does no harm."

Up in the Championship, meanwhile, it's a different story.

"Football has changed," one player told FFT. "I can probably count on one hand the number of footballers who will go out and get trashed between matches. Now, if you come to training stinking of booze, you're in trouble."

And when it comes to fatty food stuffs, a whopping 80% of players polled conceded they eat something they shouldn't every week.

My weakness is biscuits - especially Bourbons

"Every single day. My weakness is biscuits - especially Bourbons," said one League Two pro, with another fourth-tier operator going even further: "I try and be sensible but when I have a blow-out I do it properly. Takeaways, fast food, chocolate - you name it, I'll eat it."

Read the full Players' Poll in the April 2015 issue of FourFourTwo, available in print and on iPad from March 3, which also features exclusive interviews with Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez and Frank de Boer, goes cruising for gay fans with Dulwich Hamlet and asks whether the away goals rule should be scrapped.