Bahia's Lucas Fonseca performs hilarious dive, gets sent off

Already on a yellow card, the Brazilian centre-back tried one of the most ridiculous acts of simulation you're likely to see.

Lucas Fonseca had already been booked in the 24th minute, so clearly had to be careful if he wanted to play out the rest of the match.

But he got himself caught up in trouble just six minutes later, after pathetically falling to the ground following a reaction to his poor challenge from Flamengo forward Paolo Guerrero.

Peruvian striker Guerrero couldn't believe what he was seeing and confronted the central defender, who had been a full metre away from his opponent before flinging himself to the floor. Worse still for Fonseca, the referee issued him with a second yellow card for complaining.

After going a man down, Bahia went on to lose 1-0 thanks to a 74th-minute strike from Orlando Berrio.

Diving doesn't pay, kids. 

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