Bracewell-Smith attacks Arsenal board

Lady Bracewell-Smith, a former majority shareholder and director at Arsenal, has launched a scathing attack on the current board, while calling for their collective resignations.

The 56-year-old businesswoman severed ties with the Gunners in April 2011 when she sold her 15.9 percent share in the club to American entrepreneur Stan Kroenke for £123 million.

She had been drifting towards an exit from the club since 2008 when she left the board of directors, with rumours suggesting a infighting between fellow directors struggling for power.

However, in a critical swipe at the Gunner’s management, Lady Bracewell-Smith focused on their old-fashioned tendencies and urgency for fresh faces.

Speaking on Twitter, she said, "In time we will need a more dynamic pro-active younger board, and a good directional leadership.

“I agree that current board should all go. They are passe. Have nothing more to give to the club at all. In time we will need a more dynamic pro-active, younger board, and a good directional leadership.”

Continuing to speak out, she highlighted a possible reason why she was forced to leave.

“[They] couldn’t handle a woman with power on the board. Felt insecure. Male chauvinism.”

Her passing remarks also include criticism of David Dein who she called “the root cause of all the troubles at AFC (Arsenal Football Club)”. However, she later revoked her comment and brought some balance to her censure.

“I stand corrected. Dein loves the club and although sometimes personalities fall out his contribution at Arsenal has been immense.”

Current Gunners chairman Peter Hill-Wood appeared to be a focal point of Lady Bracewell Smith’s anguish, and when challenged about her damning indictment of the current regime, he refused to be drawn into a war of words.

He said in the Daily Star: "I wouldn't pay any attention to it myself.

"I don't know why she is suddenly sounding off. She should keep herself quiet and not complain.”

By Killian Woods