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Bundesliga boss blasts FIFA over Qatar 2022

Rauball said on Friday that FIFA's confirmation that Qatar 2022 will be held in the European winter had failed to deal with "fundamental problems" associated with holding the World Cup in the West Asian nation.

FIFA announced on Thursday that Qatar 2022 will be held in November and December, with the final set for December 18.

In a statement on the Bundesliga's website, the former Borussia Dortmund president and German politician highlighted the controversial bidding process and Qatar's human rights record as two major issues FIFA has yet to address.

But Rauball did not stop at criticising FIFA, questioning UEFA's lack of opposition to a decision that will fundamentally affect the 2022-23 European football season.

As president of the DFL, Rauball represents all clubs in the top two divisions of German football.

"The decision in favour of Qatar is, and remains, a major error on FIFA's behalf with serious consequences. The drastic corrections which have subsequently taken place do nothing to change that. The fundamental problems remain," Rauball said.

"The report of the Ethics Committee has so far done too little to clarify the situation with regards to the awarding of the tournament through the FIFA Executive Committee. The issue of human rights and the intolerable working conditions at the World Cup construction sites has been brushed completely under the carpet in the current debate about scheduling. That is unacceptable.

"World football has a permanent obligation to ask here for clear improvements. The rescheduling of the World Cup to December, which has now been confirmed, is a decision which has been taken at the expense of the fans and leagues in Europe. However, in the last few weeks we have also noticed that even amongst the European authorities there has been too little readiness to fight for the necessary changes."