CAF hits out at UEFA President Platini

During a televised debate on Sunday, Platini questioned whether the Africa Cup of Nations, scheduled to be held between January 17 and February 8 next year, should be deferred due to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

CAF, yet to confirm where the tournament will be held after planned hosts Morocco requested a postponement, has urged Platini to concentrate on his own affairs.

A statement from CAF on Wednesday read: "In a televised broadcast on the evening of Sunday, 19 October 2014, the President of the Union of European Football Association (UEFA), Michel Platini, found it necessary to question maintaining the scheduled date of the Orange Africa Cup of Nations Morocco 2015.

"The issue has been debated and has been in the public domain the last few days following a request for postponement by the Kingdom of Morocco due to the Ebola outbreak.

"CAF, under the leadership of its President, Issa Hayatou, has always promoted free expression within it. Far from it therefore, [can it] claim to deprive anyone latitude to express themselves.

"But we must beware of what appears in every way as interference by a president of a confederation, in cases involving first and foremost Africa and CAF."

CAF went on to highlight its own decision not to comment on recent topics of discussion in European football.

"Under the principle of non-interference required to comply, CAF has refrained so far to comment on some issues on the managing of European football or any other continent," the statement continued.

"Despite the risks involved in armed conflict in Ukraine, a country where a civilian plane was shot down killing nearly 300 people, UEFA did not consider it necessary to exclude Ukrainian clubs from its competitions as a security parameter by hosting games outside this nation, as treacherously raised once it is about Africa.

"CAF hereby reaffirm the importance it attaches to respect of its sovereignty and does not intend to let anyone interfere in the management of its affairs."

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