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Chelsea's Michy Batshuayi bites back at ArsenalFanTV's Troopz

ArsenalFanTV has been a regular topic of conversation this season as the pressure surrounding manager Arsene Wenger has increased.

With it, Gunners fan 'Troopz' has become something of an internet sensation thanks to his penchant – skill, even  for squeezing the words "blud" and "fam" into every sentence. 

Troopz called out Belgium international Batshuayi on Sunday, warning the 23-year-old and his Chelsea team-mates to expect defeat against Arsenal in next month's FA Cup final.

Batshuayi belatedly replied on Thursday, tweeting: "Hahaha just saw this, Troopz blud it's gonna Chelsea 10-2 Arsenal and NO aggregate fam #respect"

10-2, of course, was the aggregate scoreline that Arsenal lost to Bayern Munich in the Champions League last 16 this season.

Oh, the mind games. 

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