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Del Bosque: Kaunas pitch unfit

"It isn't good for us or for them. The pitch isn't for playing on, it's not in condition," Del Bosque told a news conference in Kaunas on Monday.

The playing surface has barely any grass on it after a harsh winter, although a friendly between Lithuania and Poland was played on it on Friday. A final decision as to whether the Lithuania-Spain game can go ahead will be made on Tuesday.

Del Bosque said it would be difficult to find another date for the fixture.

"There is one problem, that the pitch is bad," he added. "We are in good condition to play it. We would like to play and to have everything settled until September, but if the pitch isn't good the ideal situation would be not to play.

"It's not the Lithuanian federation's fault. They have had a hard winter, and the playing surface has deteriorated as a result, not because of the federation's negligence."

If the match goes ahead, a muddy pitch without much grass would possibly force Group I leaders Spain to move away from their trademark possession and quick-passing game.

"We aren't going to completely change our style of play," Del Bosque said. "But if we can't play it short we'll play it long looking for the knock downs. We have the players to do it. We will adapt to the situation."

Spain have won four out of four games to top the group with 12 points, ahead of fourth-placed Lithuania who have four points from three games.