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Doctors 'cautiously positive' amid plans to bring Nouri out of coma

Ajax have confirmed that midfielder Abdelhak Nouri will be brought out of an induced coma, while doctors are "cautiously positive" about his condition.

Nouri collapsed during Saturday's pre-season fixture against Werder Bremen, which was abandoned after he lay down on the ground, with paramedics tending to the 20-year-old after ambulances entered the playing surface.

The Eredivisie club confirmed on Monday that tests had shown Nouri's heart was functioning normally, but his brain cannot be fully examined until he is conscious again.

A statement read: "The player is still at the Intensive Care in the hospital in Innsbruck. His situation is stabilized and his life is out of danger. 

"A CT scan and a few other neurological tests didn't show any abnormality, so doctors are 'cautiously positive' about the situation. However, these results don't give any certainties about a good recovery.

"In the next 24 hours, the doctors plan to wake up Nouri slowly, to be able to investigate his brain function better."