Faisal won't play Liverpool marriage counsellor

Vast sums of debt and the turbulent relationship between George Gillett and Tom Hicks are the main stumbling blocks to Prince Faisal investing in Liverpool.

Barry Didato, director of investments at Faisal’s investment group F6, has revealed the prince’s unwillingness to play “marriage counsellor” and foot the clubs multi-million pound debt bill.

“(Prince Faisal) cannot be seen as a solution to the debt or problems in the existing relationship between the owners.

“He cannot be looked to as someone who is going to clean up the balance sheet - Gillett has to deal with this.

“The debt has to be at a manageable level before Prince Faisal would invest and the current level is high.”

Didato also reported that Faisal isn’t interested in becoming a majority shareholder or making a takeover bid for the Merseyside outfit, and was undecided as to how much he would invest in the club, should he choose to invest at all.

“His Highness does not need to be a majority shareholder and a takeover has not been his focus.

“His Highness's shareholding could go from anything from nought to 100 percent”

Gillett and Hicks have made no secret of their wish to attract new investors, but maintain that it is still early days, and nothing is concrete – yet.

“The process is at an early stage, there is no agreement with any party and reports to the contrary are wholly inaccurate.”

F6 has already agreed a deal with Liverpool to develop football academies in North Africa and the Middle East, with a possible Nascar franchise also in the pipeline, and Didato explained that the relationship could only be positive for the club.

“His Highness is an extraordinary man who is passionate about football. He has a tremendous respect for Liverpool and their fanbase.”

“He only wants what is best for them.”