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FIFA boss Blatter hints at 2015 re-election

After winning another term in office in 2011 Blatter said it would be his last, but the 77-year-old has since hinted he could stand again. 

Blatter, who is currently attending the FIFA Development Seminar in Grand Cayman, feels he still has a lot to offer but remained coy on whether or not he would definitely stand again. 

"I'm now 38 years in FIFA and I have this mission and I want to fulfil my mission," he said.

"I feel young enough to be in this office and to make this office a success.

"It keeps you young also if you've got a mission - and I've got a mission."

When asked if he would stand again, he added: "My intention is to finish this mandate. We are just starting the second half of the mandate. So ask me this question next year."

Blatter also said he would back calls for terms to be increased to eight years, with the potential for a four-year extension.

"This is a good approach and I would support it," he stated.