Football fan gets his 21-year-old mug replaced by Bayern Munich

No, not his face... his actual mug.

The 33-year-old Jim Entwistle tweeted to Bayern that his old drinking receptacle was faded and cracked, and that he was "retiring the mug after thousands of brus" [sic].

Incredibly, Bayern replied to Mr Entwistle and sent him a brand new mug with a letter after he'd forwarded them his address.

Entwistle was given the original mug as a birthday present in 1996 by his Germany-dwelling uncle, after Bayern beat Entwistle's team Nottingham Forest in the UEFA Cup.

Entwistle told the BBC: "I think he (his uncle) thought he was being funny, but over the years the mug and I became quite attached.

"It followed me around the country, through uni and work. Others have come and gone but it's always been there."

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