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Hodgson backs Hart ahead of Germany test

Hodgson has confirmed that Hart - who has lost his place in the Manchester City team in recent weeks following a series of high-profile gaffes - will start the game against Joachim Low's men after he sat out Friday’s defeat to Chile.

And the former Fulham boss has no doubt that the 26-year-old has the mental strength to cope with being back in the firing line at Wembley, despite the pressure he is under.

"When you put an England shirt on, whether it be a white shirt or a goalkeeper’s jersey, it will be a tough mental test and a tough test of attitude," Hodgson said.

"But I fully believe Joe understands that and is ready for that. All I can do is give him the shirt and the chance to go out and play and afterwards, he's going to have to face whatever he faces.

"Whether he plays well and keeps a clean sheet to help us to win the game - I'm sure people are going to be saying some very good things about him.

"But if he doesn't and lets a couple of easy goals in, he's going to have to accept that there'll be criticism because that's the way of the world we live in."

Hodgson went on to say he sees no need to personally intervene in an effort to end Hart's slump in form ahead of next year's FIFA World Cup.

"Joe Hart's an experienced goalkeeper, he understands the way of the world," he added.

"He understands that if he loses his place in the Manchester City team and is criticised for letting a couple of goals in, then what happened will happen.

"I don't need to take him aside and say: 'Joe, this is what happens in football'. I've got too much respect for him as a professional and as a man to do that."