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Infantino wants more Euro nations in World Cup

Thirteen of the 32 countries who featured in last year's showpiece in Brazil were from Europe and there will be 14 in 2018 due to Russia being the host nation.

Infantino told reporters on Monday that he believes there should be A stronger European presence in World Cups given the success of Italy, Spain and Germany in the last three tournaments.

He said: "I think there is a big chance that we have more than 13, because if you look at it objectively, based on facts, 19 of the top 32 ranked associations are European.

"The last three winners of the last three World Cups were three European teams, so I think it's absolutely objective and fair to be asking for one more position only.

"We could ask for more than one, but one more would already be a good sign to the sporting merit, and at the end of the day to crown the world champion, we must have the best teams in the competition, so I think there's a good chance there.

"I don't know if FIFA is trying to reduce the places, I don't think so.  I cannot imagine a World Cup with less than 13 plus one, the host, European teams taking place.

"So you know, whatever speculations and discussions are being made the absolute minimum is the status quo, and we’ve proven on the pitch that something more has and can be done."