Kenny Lowe: Perth Glory just not up to scratch in Wanderers wipeout

Perth Glory coach Kenny Lowe has bemoaned the fact his side is simply not good enough as they bowed out of the finals race with a 3-0 loss to Western Sydney Wanderers on Sunday afternoon.

Indeed, Lowe struggled to find any positives to come from the result.

"It's a tough one that," Lowe said.

"I think when you're dominated like that by a good side, I think you've just got to put your hands up.

“Sometimes you just have to take your hat off to people and say ‘that was top notch', because they were top notch today.

Asked about his team's form and fortunes, Lowe was blunt:

"You've got to be honest. I think it showed today that we're not good enough. The young boys are not ready.

"You can't fault the honesty, but the quality at times where we regained the ball and just gave it back because they (Western Sydney) were so physically capable.

A philosophical Lowe said it wasn't a lack of effort leading to his side's poor results.

"It comes down to your own honesty.

"You actually look inside, you don't look outside for excuses or ways out. You actually take a long hard look at yourself and really ask the question ‘have I really given everything?'

"Probably some of the young boys have, just unfortunately they're not of the quality they need to be at the present moment.

"Today they just got out-fought, out-run, out-battled and outplayed, but that's life.”

Asked if he thought he would be considered for the full time coaching role next season, the interim coach said he thought he could do well in the role.

"That's a toughie, (we're) bottom of the league.

"I think we've coped admirably, and we've tried, but that's down to other people to decide what they want to do.

"I'm passionate, I care and we've got a lot of boys in the change room who are like that.

"I'd certainly love to be around, I think I've got some qualities that could help but again, that's out of my hands."