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Leaked line-up no big deal, says Allardyce

The Premier League are currently investigating allegations that Crystal Palace were leaked Cardiff City's exact starting line-up days before the two teams met on April 5.

Palace went on to win the match 3-0 at Cardiff City Stadium.

Cardiff, who are three points from safety, wrote to the Premier League claiming Palace were attempting 'to obtain a sporting advantage' but Allardyce believes the situation is no big deal.

"I've experienced it and it is life," said Allardyce.

"We played here in training and there was a photographer in the garden taking pictures of our team and they had our line-up before we played Manchester United - to the man.

"United assistant Phil Neville told me they had our line-up anyway. It can happen in many different ways. I would like to find the cameraman.

"It doesn't make a lot of difference to me. In the days of technology that we have now, predictive teams are a part of your job."

Cardiff have also demanded the result be wiped from the record, though Allardyce does not think Tony Pulis' men will be dealt with that harshly.

"You look at the situation and it depends what you consider what the Premier League rules say," he said.

"If they can prove it is the case that somebody disclosed the team I don't think the punishment will be too severe if they do get punished at all.

"I can understand Cardiff being upset, but I don't think the lengths they want the Premier League to go to will happen."