Members vote in favour of Barcelona expansion

A total of 27,161 club members, representing 72.36 per cent of those who voted, backed the New Espai Barca proposal, which recommends lifting the capacity of the club's stadium to around 105,000 and a complete overhaul of other facilities.

Before announcing the results of the vote on Saturday evening, club president Josep Maria Bartomeu told Barca TV: "Without a doubt, today was a manifestation of the club's democratic values.

"I'm very satisfied. It's a great day, a democratic festival for the Barca members. Voting made me very happy, as did seeing so many votes cast by members. It's a huge project that will improve the club for years to come.”

The referendum on the project was the first to be held at the club since 1950, with Bartomeu hailing the importance of the event. 

He continued: "The most important thing is that the members decide (the future of the club) in a massive way. We should give an example of our democratic values, and the whole world will see it.

"The members have given me strength. We will continue to work very hard like we always have and we continue to solve problems."

Details of the project's timings are due to be released at the end of the season. 

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