New tax rate to hit footballers hard

The Premier League’s top earners – including Chelsea duo John Terry and Frank Lampard. Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard and Manchester City pair Robinho and Carlos Tevez – will be hit hard by the new tax rate which could see players up to £770,000 out of pocket.

The England trio are among those who will be most affected by the new 50 percent tax-rate which is set to be introduced in 2010, according to ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

Chelsea captain Terry – who earns a whopping £151,000 a week – will see an extra £770,200 taken out of his annual salary while team-mate Lampard will be £765,000 out of pocket.

While Liverpool midfielder Gerrard – behind the Chelsea twosome and Brazilian Robinho in the list of Premier League’s richest players – will have a further £713,000 taken out of his wages.

"Professional footballers might get well paid, but they make a huge contribution to the tax intake as well," Chas Roy-Chowdbury, ACCA’s head of taxation, said.

"Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard will pay a combined total of around £6,354,000 to the tax man next year. They, more than most, will feel the bite of the new top-rate 50 percent tax."

The new tax rate means that Gerrard will pay a total of £3,565,000 in tax out of his wages for 2010.

The rate will affect up to 350,000 UK residents as the rate applies to all salaries above £150,000.

The Premier League’s top five earners (wages/how much extra they will pay):

Robinho: £160,000 per week - £817,000 tax
John Terry: £151,000 p/w - £770,200
Frank Lampard: £150,000 p/w - £765,000
Steven Gerrard: £140,000 p/w - £713,000
Carlos Tevez: £140,000 p/w - £713,000