Non-league side manages to produce most non-league scoreboard ever

Ultra HD or plasma scoreboards just don’t quite cut it for Slimbridge, who made a point by deciding to use cardboard and paper instead.

On Saturday, Slimbridge fans not only witnessed a 3-0 home defeat to Hereford – who have moved 21 points clear atop of the Southern League Division One table – but also showed off a somewhat primitive way to keep tally

The... er, contraption was arranged as part of a campaign from Mike FC (@Gerundagula) to show the hard work that goes into running a non-league club.

"It's all part of the 'get people into non-league' that Slimbridge and many other clubs are constantly working on," he said. "It goes along with #FansMatterNotPrawnButties etc. I am a life-long football fan who comes at this from a theatre angle.

"Tim Blake is the man behind all the wonderful promo and fan engagement at Slimbridge, which gets all this type of activity out there.

"Clubs are very lucky to have these sorts of people who are pure volunteers and make the whole thing work. I'm merely throwing in what I can to help the general cause."

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