Paddy Power to unveil latest ad

Paddy Power is this week unveiling its latest TV advertisement – believed to be the world’s first commercial featuring blind footballers.

The football-themed ad launches on Wednesday as the bookmaker gears up to the climax to the domestic football season and forthcoming World Cup.

This latest campaign focuses on a five-a-side football match between two blind football teams, with some unfortunate consequences when a feline friend invades the pitch.

As usual with Paddy Power’s advertising the commercial pushes certain boundaries. Actual blind footballers were used rather than actors, with several set to represent England in this summer’s World Blind Football Championships in Hereford, of which the commercial’s main protagonist, Ajmal Ahmed, is the England captain.

And in time-honoured fashion Paddy Power also assures the nation’s cat lovers that no cats were harmed in the making of the commercial.

Promoting Paddy Power’s Money-Back Specials - where customers can have their bets returned to them even if they don’t win – the ad continues the ‘nothing we can do about that’ theme of the bookie’s recent office email and changing room campaigns.

Paddy Power himself said: “As with our betting we like to have fun with our ads. Thankfully for the cat we got the shot we needed in the first take!”

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