Pallotta hails Curva Sud, underlines new stadium importance

Roma's new stadium will see them reel in Juventus on and off the field in the coming years, according to president James Pallotta.

Roma president James Pallotta rejected claims he has a vendetta against the Curva Sud, while arguing the club's proposed new stadium will see them bridge the gap to Juventus.

After the Serie A club unveiled plans for the Stadio della Roma on Monday, Pallotta claimed that the ability to control the revenue gained from game attendances will be critical to Roma's future.

Roma limped to second in the 2014-15 season, finishing 17 points adrift of Juventus, who eased to their fourth straight league title.

One of the key factors to Juventus' recent success has been their club-owned stadium - one of only three in Serie A.

"I don't think we’re that far away from Juventus. I think we can compete and we can win," Pallotta said.

"It has to be said that Juve do have more turnover than us but when we have the new stadium, we'll have substantially more."

Roma were ordered to close the area where their most fervent supporters congregate for one game late last season after they unveiled a banner mocking the mother of a Napoli supporter, who was murdered in the capital last year.

Pallotta, an American businessman, labelled the Curva Sud "idiots", which prompted another banner later in April that targeted the 57-year-old.

Speaking on Tuesday, Pallotta insisted the Curva Sud is "unbelievably important" for Roma, although he took the opportunity to again underline his intolerance of anti-social behaviour.

"I'm not against the Curva Sud. That's not factual at all," he added.

"I think the Curva Sud is an incredible force in football. I think they're unbelievably important for us. In the new stadium that will be more so because they'll only be nine metres away."