Pele out of hospital and 'ready for Olympics'

Brazil legend Pele was discharged from hospital in Sao Paulo on Tuesday, and joked that he is ready to play at the Olympics.

Pele, 74, had been undergoing special care at Sao Paulo's Albert Einstein Hospital for several days, receiving treatment for a urinary tract infection.

The infection stemmed from surgery to remove kidney stones on November 13.

Pele - who only has one kidney having had the other removed towards the end of his illustrious playing career - told a media conference that he is now back to full health after the "scare".

The Santos icon jokingly claimed he is even ready to play for Brazil at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

"I'd like to thank the doctors that took care of me. It was a real fight," Pele told reporters.

"It was something I was not expecting, but I was not afraid to die as I am a man with three hearts.

"I've had messages from China, Pakistan, from almost all the European countries.

"It is gratifying and good to know that I had the support of so many people around the world who were hoping the situation improved.

"Now I am preparing for the Olympics. Three professionals can play in the Olympics and I'm one of the three!"